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Garrett Metal Detector

Garrett is an active treasure hunter who does it for hobby, and an avid metal detector maker for the good part of the last four decades. Garrett has since established themselves around the globe in terms of their market share in advanced metal detection.

garrettpinpointer2The All-New Garrett Ace Series is not just a line of detectors, but a whole new innovative way of thinking. The Garrett company has taken the initiative to be the leading ones in the industry by packaging innovative and creative features from the GTI and GTAx line and incorporated them into enhanced products, ones that look the most aggressive and the most rugged. These metal detectors have the ability to be head turners and would make the company a valuable competitor in the metal detector industry. It offers features like custom notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity and depth settings. It also offers the newest addition of the Performance coils series, the 6.5 x 9′ ACE coil.

Garrett Ace 250 is loaded with tons and tons of features. First of all, avid Garrett patrons totally love its sleek and design-hungry outdoor look. Plus, it has full range notch discrimination, which is actually an important feature for treasure hunters. It also has a very special pinpoint feature that comes with a graphic target ID or identification program. Moreover, the detector also has a readily installed variety of hunting modes. In fact, it has five pre-set hunting modes that make the Ace 250 a wonderful touch-and-go device.

With the Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector’s Elimination Control it gives you the ability to no longer see irrelevant materials such as waste and non metal things and only gives you access to what is significant such as coins, jewelry, relics etc. This saves you so much time and takes away possible distractions. It also offers state of the art technology that allows you to discover the many secrets underneath your own back yard.

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Garrett Metal And Gold Detectors

Garrett Pro-Pointer
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector
Garrett Metal Detector GTI 2500 Pro-Package

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garrett pro pointerWhat is a Metal Detecting Pinpointer? A Pinpointer is a metal detecting tool used to locate your target when digging for treasure. The Pinpointer is also sometimes called a probe. The purpose of the Pinpointer is to save you time when you recover your find. Think of it as a tiny metal detector that you can insert into the hole you’re digging to locate the find without having to dig a crater.

The probe can locate the find within an inch of ground and you can use it to scan the sides and bottom of the hole to make sure you haven’t missed it. Normally the ground where you detected something with your metal detector is scanned using the Pinpointer before you start digging. If the Pinpointer detects something you know it is just below the surface of the ground. If the Pinpointer can’t detect the find you know it must be deeper than an inch in the ground and you can start digging. The best way is to make three rectangular cuts into the ground or grass and to lift the sod out and flip it over to the fourth side that hasn’t been cut. The Pinpointer can now be used to detect the hole and the sod to determine where the find is.

Electronic probes/mini detectors come in two types: Hand-held or Detector-mounted. The hand-held types are very useful in finding coins during recovery in sandy or extremely dry soil. Some of the probes can be inserted into loosened soil or sand without having to dig first. The sensitivity on most of them is also adjustable and this is important to calibrate the unit for your application. Some units have a very thin stainless steel probe that is designed to be pushed into the soil without digging a hole.

garrett pinpointerElectronic probes/mini detectors are one of those tools that can be very helpful but you don’t need one if you are a beginner. I would suggest that you first gain some experience in your new hobby before considering obtaining a Pinpointer. Some detectorists claim they can’t do without them and that they save up to two thirds of the recovery time, others claim that it’s overrated and not worth the effort and money. Try to borrow one from a friend or club member and try it out before you decide to invest in one, it’s maybe not for you.

Whether you decide to use metal detecting pinpointers or not, get out there and enjoy the hunt. It’s what it is all about.

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